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Humanitarian Outreach

We partner with the U.S. Navy and the Department of Defense for international humanitarian outreach.

Dental Health Ambassadors

UCSD PDS is involved in all parts of the dental healthcare model – including prevention.

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Get Involved

UCSD PDS is involved locally, nationally and internationally – in a plethora of ways.

We partner with the U.S. Navy

Mission Statement

The UCSD Pre-Dental Society and Student-Run Free Dental Clinic Project, in partnership with the community, provide accessible, quality healthcare for the underserved in a respectful environment in which students, health professionals, patients, and community members learn from one another.

Get Involved:

Our organization offers many opportunities for everyone including: students, dentists, community members, and professionals to give back to the community and the world. Learn about the opportunities we have to get involved locally, nationally, and internationally.

Support Us:

Our clinics rely on valuable time from our volunteers and generous donations of supplies and funds in order to function. Every bit helps. Find out how you can help.

Join us for our next Virtual GBM:

Thurs, October 28h at 6:00 PM!
Please join us for our virtual GBM October 15th at 6 PM!

We will be having a very special presentation on the Secrets of Admissions Committees, featuring Dr. William Harman and Dr. William Carroll, Associate Deans of the Roseman University College of Dental Medicine. They will speak about preparing an effective application, interview strategies, and other tips for applying and interviewing. This interactive presentation will help students applying to any school.  

Please join with your cameras on and full names displayed on Zoom!

Join Us Online or In-Person

UCSD Pre-Dental Society is now delivering our experience both digitally and online to best serve our members and community.

Our Progress Since 2002:


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Help Us Share the Care

While we have been able to help a portion of the underserved, there are many others in our community that still need our help. As a non-profit program, the UCSD Free Dental Clinics would appreciate help through financial contributions, equipment, supplies and/or your time.