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UCSD Pre-Dental Society & Student-Run Free Dental Clinics Serves our Community in a Multitude of Ways

Join us for our next virtual GBM on Tues., August 4th at 6:00 PM!

Dr. Jose Castillo, DDS, MA, MMSc, will be presenting on Intro to Orthodontics as well as interesting cases he has worked on in practice. He will also be discussing his personal journey into dentistry. This is a meeting not to miss!

Mission Statement

The UCSD Pre-Dental Society and Student-Run Free Dental Clinic Project, in partnership with the community, provide accessible, quality healthcare for the underserved in a respectful environment in which students, health professionals, patients, and community members learn from one another.

Get Involved:

Our organization offers many opportunities for everyone including: students, dentists, community members, and professionals to give back to the community and the world. Learn about the opportunities we have to get involved locally, nationally, and internationally.

Support Us:

Our clinics rely on valuable time from our volunteers and generous donations of supplies and funds in order to function. Every bit helps. Find out how you can help.

Virtual GBMs:

Please join us for our next virtual GBM Tuesday, August 4 at 6PM. Dr. Jose Castillo will be presenting on Intro to Orthodontics and also on special cases he has worked on in practice. He will also discuss his personal journey into dentistry and his experiences at Columbia and Harvard Dental Schools. We will be opening up training sessions for non-managers in the next couple of weeks!!! IF YOU ATTEND THIS MEETING, YOU WILL BE ELIGIBLE TO ATTEND A TRAINING SESSION.  This meeting will be followed by a managers meeting. Everyone interested is welcome to attend. Once again we will be asking everyone to have their videos on. See y’all soon! Please subscribe to our listserv to receive GBM links in the future!

COVID-19 Updates

3/16/2020: Please read through the letter by Dr. Irvin Silverstein to find out more of what’s happening right now with our clinics, weekly meetings, and future events. Thank you!

3/17/2020: Please read through this second update from Dr. Irvin Silverstein on our clinics and future events affected by COVID-19. Thank you!

3/19/2020: Please find Update #3 from Dr. Irvin Silverstein here. Thank you!

4/12/2020: Please find Update #4 from Dr. Irvin Silverstein here. Thank you!

4/27/2020: Please find Update #5 here. Stay safe and healthy!

5/26/2020: Our annual banquet, unfortunately, is cancelled on May 30, 2020. Thank you for all your help and we really appreciate all of our professional and student volunteers! We will celebrate together at another time!

6/8/2020: Please find Update #6 here from Dr. Irvin Silverstein. Thank you!

Our Progress Since 2002:


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Help Us Share the Care

While we have been able to help a portion of the underserved, there are many others in our community that still need our help. As a non-profit program, the UCSD Free Dental Clinics would appreciate help through financial contributions, equipment, supplies and/or your time.