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Clinic Sites and Directions

Current Patient Pool Openings

We apologize that we can not accept new patients at this time. While we wish that we could help everyone in need, we can not. For information on how and where to obtain low-cost dental service in San Diego, see the resources on the left. You may also call 211 to get information on a wide variety of services available in San Diego county.

What Do Our Clinics Provide?

Comprehensive Oral Care

Our dental clinics strive to deliver comprehensive oral care for all our patients. This means that we work with our patients to create a treatment plan and do our best to complete the treatment. Unfortunately, due to a limited amount of resources, we cannot always provide the necessary care for our patients and are currently not accepting new patients. For more information on our mission and philosophy, please see our mission page.

Education and Training

The clinics provide education and training for pre-dental and dental students. Pre-dental students gain experience in patient care, public health, chairside assisting, community service, education, and administration of care. Students learn about all aspects of clinical operations and participate in health promotion locally and globally. Dental students from different universities gain valuable experience under the guidance of our Clinic Director Dr. Sussi Yamaguchi and our volunteering doctors.