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Student Leaders

Executive Leaders

Title Name
1. Director/Advisor Irvin Silverstein
2. Assistant Director/Advisor Donna Kritz-Silverstein
3. Professional Clinic Director Sussi Yamaguchi
4. Executive Assistant to the Director Giancarlo Chiribao
5. Associate Assistant to the Director Josten Daneshmayeh
6. Student Clinical Co-Director Cristal J. Montiel
7. Student Clinical Co-Director Ryan Pham

Clinical Managers

Title Name
Clinic Manager Brian Phan
Clinic Manager Matthew Nguyen
Clinic Manager Nancy Her
Clinic Manager Sabrina Chan
Clinic Manager Katayoon Rohani
Clinic Manager Nicole Thompson
Clinic Manager Jason Chang
Clinic Manager Ryan Ordaz
Clinic Manager Ryan Pham
Clinic Manager Paolo Alcid
Clinic Manager Josten Daneshmayeh
Clinic Manager Jiajun Zhou
Clinic Manager Xiaojuan Cui
Clinic Manager Cristal J. Montiel
Clinic Manager Nikki Nguyen
Clinic Manager Youngmin Park
Clinic Manager Geon Woo Kim

Departmental Staff

Title Name
Advanced Study Club/Education Coordinator Xiaojuan Cui
Alginate Course Coordinator Geon Woo Kim
Attendance Coordinator Mehrshad Hairani
Certificate Coordinator Maram Deiranieh
Clinic Data Coordinator Giancarlo Chiribao
Clinic Data Coordinator Mehrshad Hairani
Clinic Gown Coordinator Paolo Alcid
Clinic Hour Recorder Minjie Guo
Clinical IT Coordinator Gregory Marchese
Clinical IT Coordinator Lance Attiq
Clinical IT Technician Jeremy Ngo
CollegeWear Liasion Nikki Nguyen
CollegeWear Liasion Alice Wang
Community Liaison Tiffany Dinh
COVID Vaccine and Testing Coordinator Logan Dela-Cruz
CPR Coordinator Ayah Solagh
CPR Coordinator Maram Deiranieh
CSI Coordinator Giancarlo Chiribao
DAT Study Materials Coordinator Vianna Truong
Dental Lab Coordinator Paolo Alcid
Dental Lab Coordinator Geon Woo Kim
Dental School Data Compiler Xiaojuan Cui
Dental Specialist Coordinator Valandra Sierra
Dental Specialist Coordinator Marlene S. Barrales Barradas
DHA Coordinator Ryan Ordaz
DHA Coordinator Devika Gaikwad
DHA Coordinator Bisrat Debele
DHA Coordinator Michael Jin
DHA Coordinator Sabrina Chan
eBay Coordinator Nicole Thompson
Ensenada Humanitarian Mission Coordinator Cristina Corral
Ensenada Humanitarian Mission Coordinator Cristal J. Montiel
Health Beat Student Council Giancarlo Chiribao
Historian Ayan Haque
Kits/Fundraising Coordinator Katayoon Rohani
Kits/Fundraising Coordinator Sarina Samadi
Kits/Fundraising Coordinator Nayeli Moran
Listserv Manager Ashley Flachner
Mentorship Coordinator Ashley Flachner
Mentorship Coordinator Serena Wong
NGO Mission Coordinator Nikki Nguyen
NGO Mission Coordinator Anli Tang
NGO Mission Coordinator Logan Dela-Cruz
OSHA Coordinator Majd Al Zakr
OSHA Coordinator Matthew Nguyen
OSHA Coordinator Min Woong Jin
Parking Permits Giancarlo Chiribao
PDS Merchandise Coordinator Majd Al Zakr
PDS Social Coordinator Ryan Ordaz
Photobadge Coordinator Matthew Nguyen
Photobadge Coordinator Youngmin Park
Photographer (GBM) Josten Daneshmayeh
Professional Volunteer Coordinator Ryan Ordaz
Recruitment/Flyering Team Giancarlo Chiribao
Recruitment/Flyering Team Serena Wong
Recruitment/Flyering Team Sabrina Chan
Room Coordinator Brian Phan
Social Event Coordinator Dilan Patel
Social Event Coordinator Ting-Hsuan (Chris) Chang
Social Event Coordinator Cristal J. Montiel
Social Event Coordinator Stephen Tapia
Social Media/Marketing Coordinator Ashley Flachner
Social Media/Marketing Team Ashley Truong
Social Media/Marketing Team Nancy Her
Social Media/Marketing Team Sabrina Chan
Spanish-Speaking Team Stephen Tapia
Spanish-Speaking Team Daniel Hernandez
Spanish-Speaking Team Cristal J. Montiel
Special Events Coordinator Jiajun Zhou
Special Events Coordinator Jee Hye Choi
Special Events Coordinator Sabrina Chan
Special Speaker Gift Coordinator Bisrat Debele
Storage Coordinator Daniel Hernandez
Storage Coordinator Daniel Rouel
Storage Coordinator Omid Jamshidi
Storage Coordinator Brian Phan
Student Volunteer Paperwork Coordinator Josten Daneshmayeh
Student Volunteer Scheduling Coordinator Jason Chang
Treasurer Giancarlo Chiribao
Video Production & Media Artist Shana Mardanpour
Vinmar Solutions Liaison Sarina Samadi
Vinmar Solutions Liaison Nancy Her
X-Ray Course Coordinator Ayan Haque