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Student Leaders

Executive Leaders

Title Name
1. Director/AdvisorIrvin Silverstein
2. Assistant Director/AdvisorDonna Kritz-Silverstein
3. Professional Clinic DirectorSussi Yamaguchi
4. Executive Assistant to the DirectorGiancarlo Chiribao
5. Associate Assistant to the DirectorLance Attiq
6. Student Clinical Co-DirectorCristal J. Montiel
7. Student Clinical Co-DirectorSamantha Gonzalez

Clinical Managers

Title Name
Clinic ManagerKevin Zarghan
Clinic ManagerAlice Wang
Clinic ManagerXinyue (Cinny) Ma
Clinic ManagerAmir Faraji
Clinic ManagerTaralyn Lum
Clinic ManagerPaolo Alcid
Clinic ManagerGeon Woo Kim
Clinic ManagerYoungmin Park
Clinic ManagerNikki Nguyen
Clinic ManagerAyan Haque
Clinic ManagerJoseph Carlo Lara
Clinic ManagerCristal J. Montiel
Clinic ManagerMarlene S. Barrales Barradas
Clinic ManagerMaricela Cuevas
Clinic ManagerXiaojuan Cui
Clinic ManagerKuan-I (Shelley) Lee
Clinic ManagerAlexander Okamoto
Clinic ManagerJiajun Zhou
Clinic ManagerFirouzeh Khoobchehr
Clinic ManagerBelinda Xue
Clinic ManagerLance Attiq
Clinic ManagerJosten Daneshmayeh
Clinic ManagerIngrid Chai
Clinic ManagerSamantha Gonzalez
Clinic ManagerRichard Yip
Clinic ManagerCzarina-Mae De Castro
Clinic ManagerAshley Flachner
Clinic ManagerWenshuai Mu

Departmental Staff

Title Name
Advanced Study Club/Education CoordinatorXiaojuan Cui
Alginate Course CoordinatorKevin Zarghan
Alginate Course CoordinatorGeon Woo Kim
Alumni List CoordinatorCali Myers
Attendance CoordinatorFirouzeh Khoobchehr
Certificate CoordinatorMaram Deiranieh
Clinic Data CoordinatorWenshuai Mu
Clinic Data CoordinatorGiancarlo Chiribao
Clinic Gown Sales RepPaolo Alcid
Clinic Hour RecorderFirouzeh Khoobchehr
Clinical IT CoordinatorGregory Marchese
Clinical IT TechnicianLance Attiq
CollegeWear LiasionNikki Nguyen
CollegeWear LiasionAlice Wang
Community LiaisonTiffany Dinh
CPR CoordinatorMaram Deiranieh
CSI / UCSD LiaisonStephen Tapia
DAT Study Materials Sales RepAreeba Paracha
Dental Lab CoordinatorGeon Woo Kim
Dental Lab CoordinatorPaolo Alcid
Dental School Data CompilerXiaojuan Cui
Dental Specialist CoordinatorMarlene S. Barrales Barradas
DHA CoordinatorTaralyn Lum
DHA CoordinatorKevin Zarghan
DHA CoordinatorCzarina-Mae De Castro
DHA CoordinatorMichael Jin
DHA CoordinatorSabrina Chan
DHA CoordinatorShaila Patel
Ebay CoordinatorKevin Zarghan
Ensenada Humanitarian Mission CoordinatorKevin Zarghan
Ensenada Humanitarian Mission CoordinatorSamantha Gonzalez
Ensenada Humanitarian Mission CoordinatorCristal J. Montiel
Health Beat Student CouncilGiancarlo Chiribao
HistorianAyan Haque
Kit/Fundraising CoordinatorKuan-I (Shelley) Lee
Kit/Fundraising CoordinatorAshley Wang
Kit/Fundraising CoordinatorAlex Kim
Listserv ManagerAshley Flachner
Mentorship CoordinatorCzarina-Mae De Castro
Mentorship CoordinatorKathleen Fong
NGO Mission CoordinatorNikki Nguyen
NGO Mission CoordinatorAnli Tang
NGO Mission CoordinatorJoseph Carlo Lara
NGO Mission CoordinatorJon Cornelius Noceda
OSHA CoordinatorBelinda Xue
OSHA CoordinatorCzarina-Mae De Castro
OSHA CoordinatorKayla Cobarruvias
OSHA CoordinatorJosten Daneshmayeh
OSHA CoordinatorJee Hye Choi
PadresRyan Ordaz
Parking PermitsGiancarlo Chiribao
PDS Merchandise RepAmir Faraji
Photobadge CoordinatorYoungmin Park
Photographer (GBM)Josten Daneshmayeh
Photographer (Photobadges)Youngmin Park
Professional Volunteer CoordinatorCali Myers
Recruitment/Flyering TeamCzarina-Mae De Castro
Recruitment/Flyering TeamGiancarlo Chiribao
Recruitment/Flyering TeamIngrid Chai
Room CoordinatorBrian Phan
Social Event CoordinatorStephen Tapia
Social Event CoordinatorCristal J. Montiel
Social Event CoordinatorTing-Hsuan (Chris) Chang
Social Event CoordinatorDilan Patel
Social Media/Marketing CoordinatorAshley Flachner
Spanish Teaching TeamSamantha Gonzalez
Spanish Teaching TeamSamantha Zermeno
Special Events CoordinatorSabrina Chan
Special Events CoordinatorSamantha Gonzalez
Special Events CoordinatorJee Hye Choi
Special Events CoordinatorTing-Hsuan (Chris) Chang
Special Events CoordinatorJerry Nguyen
Special Events CoordinatorJiajun Zhou
Special Speaker Gift/Thank You Card CoordinatorFirouzeh Khoobchehr
Storage CoordinatorAlexander Okamoto
Storage CoordinatorBrian Phan
Student Volunteer Paperwork CoordinatorLance Attiq
Student Volunteer Scheduling CoordinatorIngrid Chai
Thank you/Special Speaker GiftSamantha Zermeno
TreasurerGiancarlo Chiribao
Video Production & Media ArtistTaralyn Lum
Video Production & Media ArtistShana Mardanpour
Vinmar Solutions LiaisonXinyue (Cinny) Ma
X-Ray Course CoordinatorAyan Haque